FLJ Professional Services have experienced consultants
that can provide advice and assistance in the following areas:
Individual Income Tax
Small Business Tax
Year Round Tax Planning
Prior Year Filings
Notary Services
At FLJ Professional Services, we take a proactive
approach to tax services. Our experts stay current on
changing tax laws and legislation so you don’t have to. We'll
identify key tax- planning opportunities that can minimize both
your current and future tax liabilities and help you put these
plans in action throughout the year.  
Personalized Services – We take time to identify all events that
could have an impact on your tax return.
Tax Savings – We minimize you taxes by identifying all the
deductions you are entitled to, as provided in the tax code.
Tax Planning – A proactive way to ensure that you have no
surprises when you file.
Year Round Availability – We are available year round.
FLJ Professional Services
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Our goal is to anticipate tax
opportunities instead of reacting to
them.  Our consultants can help you
prepare for all your questions and
assist you in developing a tax